Our Story

Founders Amanda and James set up Less Plastic back in 2015 after walking on a beach the day after a winter storm and being shocked by the scale of plastic waste strewn across the entire beach. Recognising many items they used in their daily lives, they decided to take responsibility and do something about it. They learned how to use less plastic as a family and then developed infographics sharing practical tips, to help others to reduce their plastic waste too. 

Since then, they have created a whole series of educational infographics; published Plastic Game Changer – the world’s first book aimed specifically at helping businesses to reduce plastic waste – and shared their plastic reduction expertise with hundreds of individuals, schools, businesses and community organisations around the world. 

In 2022, James and Amanda passed the baton on, deciding to leave the legacy of Less Plastic in the safe hands of of an organisation who shares their vision for a world with less plastic. That’s us! We’re City to Sea, an environmental organisation on a mission to stop plastic pollution at source and make it easier for everyone to live with less waste. Our award-winning campaigns tackle the most polluting single-use plastic items, focusing on upstream solutions, so our oceans and beaches won’t need to be cleaned in the future. 

 Find out more about us and our planet-protecting work and campaigns here.