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How to make a big impact on ocean plastic

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Independent hospitality businesses have the opportunity to make a HUGE difference when it comes to ocean plastic – and they don’t need to wait until 2020, 2022 or 2025 like the big names are promising – they can act NOW!

However, many don’t have the time or expertise to identify the best alternatives to single-use plastic, or the money to create marketing materials that promote their positive actions to their customers and the wider community too.

If you know someone who works in hospitality, who’d like to use less plastic, please share our new infographic ‘6 ways we tackle ocean plastic’ to help them make sound decisions & quick progress on their less plastic journey.

Since 2015 we’ve been researching and highlighting the most impactful steps individuals and businesses can take to reduce their plastic footprints.

Seeing plastic wash up with every tide on our local beaches brought home the reality that we’re all using too much plastic. Plastic takes centuries to break down, wreaking havoc on wildlife and eco-systems in the meantime, and is therefore completely inappropriate for single-use purposes.

Recycling is currently not a good enough solution. Only 9% of plastic ever created has been recycled, and much of that is ‘downcycled’ (i.e. from plastic bottles to fleeces). The other 91% makes it’s way to landfills or incinerators, or ends up littering land and sea. This is clearly not sustainable.

Significantly reducing plastic use is the most effective way to tackle the ocean plastic crisis.

Our latest infographic identifies the 6 most impactful ways hospitality businesses can cut their plastic use, as well as providing them with a way to promote their great work to the growing numbers of plastic-conscious customers and employees.

**The unexpected benefit of using less plastic is saving money – by reducing or eliminating disposable items and paying less to have business waste taken away – a WIN-WIN scenario for businesses and the oceans!**

Together we can turn the tide on ocean plastic!

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Support our work and help spread the word about ocean plastic.

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