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Get Involved with our Mission to Reduce Plastic Pollution

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If you’re inspired to make a meaningful difference to plastic pollution, we’d love your help!

We’re very grateful for any support of our mission to see less plastic on our planet; by raising awareness of the issues with single-use plastic, and sharing practical tips and strategies to live and work with less plastic.

If you’d like to get more involved with the Less Plastic cause, here are some ideas of big or small ways you can help:

✨ Make a #LessPlasticPledge by committing to adopt new Less Plastic habits in your life and encourage your friends and family to make a pledge too

✨ Follow us on social media @LessPlasticUK and share our content with your friends, family, colleagues, and community

✨ Sign up to our email list to join our community and hear all our latest news, tips and strategies to reduce plastic pollution

✨ Display our infographics in your school, workplace or community space to inspire positive behaviour change to reduce plastic waste

✨ Buy our book, ‘Plastic Game Changer’, to read yourself or give to someone working in an organisation that could do with ideas to reduce plastic waste

✨ Write a review for our book on Amazon to help more people discover it and increase the positive impact it can have among businesses worldwide

✨ Use our Less Plastic Shopping Guide when you’re making plastic-free purchases, and recommend it to your friends too. Many of the brands included will give us a percentage of any sales made using the links from our website

✨ Wear our Plastic Activist clothing (T-shirts, Jumpers & Tote Bags) and buy them as ethical, plastic-free gifts for friends and family too

✨ Organise a community event, talk or river/park/beach clean to raise awareness of plastic pollution and share Less Plastic educational infographics to inspire reduced plastic use

✨ Email us with pictures of what you’re up to, or tag us in your social media posts (@LessPlasticUK) – we love to hear from you and are so inspired by the movement of people determined to prevent plastic pollution

✨ Organise a fundraising activity such as a cake sale, sponsored run, litter pick, or anything else that captures your imagination and donate the proceeds to support Less Plastic

✨ Make a monthly or one-time donation to support our global impact non-profit projects to reduce plastic waste

Thank you very much for any support you would like to give us, it means the world to us!

Please do get in touch if you’d like to explore any other ways you’d like to get involved.

100% of revenue raised funds plastic waste reduction projects. We’re a small, efficient, results-driven team with a passion to prevent further plastic pollution from happening by reducing plastic use in the first place.

Less Plastic CIC is a UK-based non-profit with a large global social media following. Our mission is to have less plastic on our planet.

We inspire positive behaviour change to reduce plastic waste among individuals, businesses and communities via education, modelling, sharing strategies, and creating new social norms.

We do this through various activities including our infographics and other educational resources, ‘Plastic Game Changer’ book, talks, workshops, consultancy services and global programs.

We’re very grateful for any support in raising awareness or funds to support our cause.

To keep up to date with Less Plastic news, sign up here.

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