“Plastic Game Changer” Book


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The world’s first book written to help people in business reduce plastic waste.

Plastic pollution awareness is higher than ever, yet most companies still generate too much plastic waste with their business-as-usual approach.

This book inspires positive action with its five-step framework to accelerate business plastic reduction efforts, along with insightful case studies from the likes of Sky, Surfdome and Iceland Foods, sharing how they have eliminated single-use plastic from their organisations.

Plastic Game Changer is a practical guide for professionals who want to make a difference to plastic pollution. It will appeal to CEOs, HR leaders, Sustainability leaders and business people at all levels who feel compelled to do something meaningful to tackle the ocean plastic crisis.

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Our beautiful oceans are filling with plastic. Devastating marine wildlife and disrupting fragile ecosystems; it is also threatening to be a future human health disaster.

We must act now to limit the damage. The only way to stem the flow is to stop plastic pollution at source. This means saying goodbye to single-use plastic and significantly reducing all other plastic usage. But how do we wean ourselves off this material that has infiltrated every corner of our lives?

Plastic Game Changer is an inspirational, practical guide for professionals who want to do something meaningful to tackle the plastic pandemic. The 5Ps framework will empower you to transform plastic usage in your organization. The real-world stories share how others have done it before. You have the power to make a game-changing difference to this vast issue, by taking responsibility for the plastic pollution created on your watch. The time to act is now!


“Amanda’s experience and insights give straightforward, commonsense advice to empower businesses to take action to bend the plastic pollution curve back in the right direction.”
Hugo Tagholm, CEO of Surfers Against Sewage

“If you want to make a difference then BE the difference. This book will show you how. Read it and pass it on! And know you are doing your bit for our beautiful oceans.”
Jo Ruxton, CEO & Founder of Plastic Oceans UK & Producer of the Film A Plastic Ocean

“Plastic Game Changer provides a forensic and incisive account of what organizations can do to dramatically reduce their plastic consumption. This is the perfect book for anyone crying out for practical steps to wean themselves off a material that touches every aspect of our lives. A brilliant and timely read!”
Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder of A Plastic Planet

“Amanda Keetley empowers each of us to embark on a journey to be a Plastic Game Changer and to join together to shift the system from plastic reduction towards a world free of plastic pollution.”
Dianna Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition

“A powerful and practical call to action for employers and employees who want to make a difference when it comes to plastic pollution. Packed with inspirational advice and real-world business examples, Plastic Game Changer makes a challenging subject engaging and empowering – whatever your work in the world.”
Natalie Fee, Award-winning Campaigner, Founder of City to Sea & Author of How to Save the World for Free

“Individuals and businesses, young and old, start-up to corporate; it’s time to get involved and make a difference. This book will guide the way.”
Martin Gettings, Head of Sustainability, Canary Wharf Group

About the Author

Amanda Keetley founded Less Plastic in 2015 to raise awareness of the growing issue of plastic pollution and what we can do to tackle it. She has brought the “less plastic lifestyle” to a wide audience via her blog, infographics and social media following, inspiring individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations to use less plastic.

She delivers regular talks and workshops to organizations of all sizes, sharing practical tips to reduce plastic as an individual, as well as her 5Ps framework to become a #PlasticGameChanger in the workplace for a far-reaching impact that delivers long-lasting change.

In her spare time, she loves yoga, coast walks, kayaking, snorkeling, and learning about what we can do to help regenerate nature. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and learn more about her work at www.lessplastic.org.uk.