Announcing Less Plastic’s New Partnership with Nurdle

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We are always looking for new ways to deliver on our mission to reduce the amount of plastic on our planet and repair the damage done. And so we are really excited to announce our partnership with Nurdle.

Nurdle is a like-minded CIC founded by the awesome Josh Beech.  It is one of the first organisations to focus entirely on removing microplastics from beaches using 3 cool tools plus manpower!

The Trommel, micro plastic vacuums, and a larger machine are all tools developed by Josh through his passion for making the world a better place. As well as conducting annual ‘tours’ around the UK to clean up beaches, Nurdle generously shares machine plans and approaches to others around the World as part of their mission to clean up the microplastic problem before most people even know it’s there.

The issue of microplastics is becoming more and more well known. Microplastics are defined as under 5mm in size and can be parts of larger plastic items that have broken down into smaller fragments, or tiny pieces of pre-production plastic that has escaped into nature before it’s even been made into anything useful.

They are very harmful to the environment and ultimately our health i.e. poisoning or mortality for the creatures and organisms they come in to contact with (often mistaken for food) and passing the contaminants up the food chain.

We’ve never been able to clean up microplastics in any significant way by hand on our Less Plastic beach cleans, but we have always known they are there.

According to Josh, each litre of debris he collects contains up to 40,000 pieces of microplastics. In addition to being a successful solution for removing microplastics in volume, quite simply we love Josh’s approach and ethos and we wanted to support him and Nurdle through both funding and sharing his work.

Our support will help Josh with his upcoming ‘tours’. The plan is to run beach cleans starting with Nurdle’s biggest tour ever in early October in Cornwall, then North Devon in November/December, to respond to winter pollution events in the South West UK in January and February, concluding in Plymouth in March. The beaches and timings have been carefully selected to follow the pattern of the highest tides to have the biggest impact.

We will be reporting on progress of these cleans throughout the year including updates on how much plastic has been collected.

“The support of Less Plastic is brilliant for Nurdle! Not only do they, as an organisation, have a direct and large impact on reducing plastic consumption across the world but they support us with cleaning up the problem. We can’t wait to show you what we get up to on these next tours! They’re definitely our biggest yet!” – Josh Beech, Founder, Nurdle.

You can find out more about Josh and the Nurdle team, their amazing work, and support them by purchasing one of their upcycled plastic products, look them up here:

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