Less Plastic Pledge

You can make a difference to plastic pollution by committing to new habits that will reduce plastic waste.

One of the most effective ways to change our habits is to make a pledge. When we pledge to do something, we internally cement it as a new 'norm' which harnesses the power of our subconscious to help us succeed.

Make your Less Plastic Pledge public for an even greater chance of success; because we tend to be better at keeping the promises we make to other people than those we make to ourselves.

See our infographics for ideas to reduce plastic waste as an individual or organisation.

For extra help making a pledge as an organisation, read Chapter 14 of our book, Plastic Game Changer.

We'd love to see your pledge!

Keep yourself accountable and inspire others to adopt less plastic habits too by sharing your #LessPlasticPledge on social media tagging @LessPlasticUK.

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It takes just moments, but the positive impact of reducing plastic waste will be felt for centuries.

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To combat plastic pollution, I pledge to adopt these new Less Plastic habits...

See infographics above for inspiration. You can screenshot your #LessPlasticPledge to share on social media to inspire others to act too✨ @LessPlasticUK

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