real world plastic game changer hattiers rum

Real-World Plastic Game Changer: Hattiers Rum

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An example of a real-world Plastic Game Changer: sharing how other organisations have reduced plastic so you can apply the insights to your organisation too. Discover more ways to reduce plastic in your organisation in our book, Plastic Game Changer. Hattiers Rum founder, Philip Everett-Lyons, met Amanda Keetley, Less Plastic founder, whilst sailing with a group of like-minded eco-centric individuals …

My Plastic Diary App: A new tool to help you become Plastic Game Changer

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In my book, Plastic Game Changer, I share a 5-step framework to help you accelerate plastic reduction in your organisation, in a proven, simple way so that the task doesn’t overwhelm you. I’ve called my approach ‘the Plastic Game Changer 5 Ps’: Picture – open your eyes to the plastic crisis and picture yourself as part of the solution Plot …

Rachael Hall Nature

9 ways to help your inner ecosystem flourish

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Have you ever considered that you are a beautiful manifestation of nature? That the same intelligence that you see in the natural world is the intelligence that created you? We are currently witnessing the fine balancing act that needs to be respected in order for our planet’s ecosystem to function optimally and to support life. We too have a delicate …

Global campaign to encourage bring your own reusables - New Zealand

Global Campaign to Bring Your Own Reusables

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To celebrate World Oceans Day 2020, Less Plastic UK has teamed up with the network partners at the International Waste Platform to launch a global multi-lingual campaign to reduce single-use plastic waste in the hospitality and retail sectors. Together we have created a window sticker/poster in several different languages to help restaurants, fast food chains, take-away providers, cafés, shops, supermarkets, …

9 reasons we need more nature

9 reasons we need more nature

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Our #LessPlastic #MoreNature infographics are designed to highlight simple ways we can ALL get involved in regenerating nature – whether as individuals, schools, businesses or communities. Please feel free to share them far and wide! At the time of writing, it’s spring 2020 (in the northern hemisphere) and nature has emerged from its annual slumber with an explosion of blossom, …

more nature French trees

Evolving beyond ‘less bad’ to ‘more good’

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This spring Less Plastic CIC invites you to join the call for More Nature. In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching a new series of educational infographics sharing WHY we need more nature in our lives and WHAT simple actions you can take to proactively regenerate nature in your corner of the planet. See our brand new infographic ‘9 reasons …

seal tangled in plastic fishing line

When turning away is not an option

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We’d just popped to the beach for a quick walk in the winter sunshine, with a long list of weekend chores in the back of our minds. A busy road runs along the top of the beach, so the dog was on the lead until we reached the shore, but as soon as we let her off, she bounded straight …

easy ways to use less plastic in your bathroom

Less Plastic Shopping: Easy Swaps that Reduce Plastic Waste

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We’re always being asked what products we use to reduce plastic pollution. So we decided to create a Less Plastic Shopping Guide to share our favourite product swaps that have helped us to use less plastic in our daily lives, and dramatically reduce the plastic waste we create. Compared to just a few years ago, there is now a huge …

soar mill cove beach clean

Get Involved with our Mission to Reduce Plastic Pollution

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If you’re inspired to make a meaningful difference to plastic pollution, we’d love your help! We’re very grateful for any support of our mission to see less plastic on our planet; by raising awareness of the issues with single-use plastic, and sharing practical tips and strategies to live and work with less plastic. If you’d like to get more involved with the Less Plastic …

9 ways to reduce plastic in your business

Planning to reduce plastic waste at work in 2020?

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Do your plans for 2020 include taking steps to reduce plastic waste at work? Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats we face, yet it’s also one of the easiest for individuals and businesses to act upon. While plastic often appears to be the most convenient solution in the short-term; the long-term consequences of excessive plastic use are proving …