Less Plastic is a small UK-based non-profit organisation with a big ambition to make single-use plastic a thing of the past.

Since launching Less Plastic in 2015, we’ve attracted a global social media following of over 250K; developed a whole series of educational infographics (the original one has been translated into 26 languages so far!); published the world's first book aimed specifically at helping businesses to reduce plastic waste (Plastic Game Changer); and shared our plastic reduction expertise with hundreds of individuals, schools, businesses and community organisations around the world.


If you like our work and would like to make a difference to an organisation dedicated to inspiring positive change, please donate - either a one-off payment or a regular amount - so we can continue our work. We're very grateful for any financial support you are able to give Less Plastic.

There are lots of other ways you can support the cause too, such as following us on your favourite social platforms, sharing our work, buying our book, displaying our posters, wearing our T-shirts, persuading your company to book us for a talk, and subscribing to our email database to keep up to date with all our latest news.

Thank you for any support you are able to give, it means the world to us and to our oceans.

Amanda & James
Directors, Less Plastic CIC