The Power of Individual Action

Plastic is everywhere!

The statistics are eye-watering. Over 320 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year, and at least 8 million tons end up in the ocean because our waste systems are not fit for purpose.

Plastic production has doubled in the last 10 years and continues to rise, whilst recycling only deals with a tiny fraction of the plastic waste that’s piling up around us.

Unless mass behaviour change happens, the plastic crisis is only going to get worse.

Half of all plastic produced is for single-use purposes. That includes bottles, food packaging, coffee cups, straws, bags, condiment sachets and take-away serve ware. It’s very likely you have thrown away several single-use items of plastic today, whether consciously or not.

These items that are designed to be used for minutes, will still be on the planet in 100s of years – every piece of plastic ever produced still exists somewhere today!

Plastic in the ocean harms or kills countless marine birds and wildlife every year – whether by choking, entangling, or slowly poisoning them, or starving them of real food.

The chemicals in plastic are not healthy for humans either. Harmful toxins have been found to leach into food and drink stored in plastic. Eating fish that has consumed microplastic is unlikely to come without health consequences.

Learn more about the problems caused by single-use plastic.

Many of us have woken up to the plastic crisis unfolding in our oceans and are eager to make positive changes to our lifestyle to generate less plastic waste.

Of course, manufacturers and businesses need to step up quickly – offering consumers more sustainable products and packaging, and taking responsibility for the plastic waste they generate during their business operations. Discover how we can help your organisation reduce its plastic footprint.

Yet as individuals it’s important we recognise we have the power to make changes in our lives that add up to a BIG difference – over the weeks, months and years – resulting in less plastic waste making its way to the ocean.

When added together with lots of other like-minded people consciously avoiding plastic, we will achieve massive change.

Every time you refuse a plastic item is a ‘win’ for the ocean – one less piece to float around for centuries.

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