Global Campaign to Reduce Plastic in your School

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Less Plastic UK has teamed up with the network partners at the International Waste Platform to launch a global multi-lingual campaign to reduce plastic in your school.

Together we have created a sticker/poster/social media post in several different languages to help students, teachers and parents in schools around the world reduce plastic waste.

The 152mm x 152mm (6″ x 6″) poster is available in multiple languages for anyone to use at no cost. It can be printed using a standard printer and cut to size for display anywhere.

Please feel free to support the reduction of single-use waste by using these posters in your local community.

Languages currently available: English, Khmer, Malay, Mandarin, Portuguese and Tamil. More translations coming soon!

If you’d like to translate the poster into your language and add your logo FREE OF CHARGE, please get in touch with to make arrangements.

Scroll down to see the posters created by the network partners, in alphabetical order by country…

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See our full range of infographics here…

See other infographics we have translated here…

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