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We're very grateful for the support we receive from the many businesses we work with. These relationships enable us to deliver our global impact non-profit projects to reduce plastic waste.

Working with Less Plastic offers many benefits, such as enhancing your Sales and Marketing activities through accessing our audience, which is highly engaged around the issue of plastic pollution and has a high level of trust with the Less Plastic brand and companies that we recommend.

In numbers, in 2019:

our social following exceeded

0 Thousand

Across Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

our average monthly web visits were

0 Thousand


we ranked n0. 1 for 'less plastic'

No. 1000

organic search Google & Ecosia

we wrote the world's

First Book

to empower businesses to reduce plastic waste

we sent our infographics to

0 Countries

for businesses, schools & community groups

We've spoken at more than

0 Events

including corporate talks, workshops, expert panels, schools & community groups

There are lots of ways that we partner with businesses of all sizes.

The easiest way is to support our work by donating a percentage of your sales or profit to our global impact non-profit plastic reduction projects and display a 'Proudly Supporting Less Plastic' logo on your website and other Sales, Marketing & HR literature. Scroll down to see a visual example.

Here are some more ideas of how we could work together:

  • Sponsor and co-brand one of our popular educational infographics
  • Choose us as your 1% for the Planet partner
  • Sponsor us to deliver a talk at a school of your choice, providing them with a bundle of educational materials and consultancy support to inspire positive change
  • Talk to us about appearing in our Less Plastic Shopping Guide
  • Sponsor our forthcoming podcast, when we will be interviewing real-world Plastic Game Changers from a variety of industries to share their insights & best practice for reducing plastic in business
  • Be one of the case studies we feature on our blog, email, podcast, and social media platforms - to promote your leadership around plastic reduction and share your challenges, successes, and insights from your journey to inspire others to take action too
  •  Invite us to hold a talk or workshop to share plastic reduction strategies with your colleagues, customers or clients
  • Use our consultancy services to support you on your own plastic reduction journey
  • Buy our book, 'Plastic Game Changer', for your employees, or sell it on our behalf to your customers or clients - it's the ultimate guide to reducing plastic waste in any organisation
  • Harness your employees' interest in preventing plastic pollution - we can run park, river or beach cleans as team building exercises that give back to your local community. We can also provide educational materials for your team to use for any employee volunteering work they'd like to do to inspire positive behaviour change in schools or among local community groups
  • We're open to discussing any other ideas you have to help you meet your business and ESG (environmental, social and governance) goals to be a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Get in touch to explore working together as a partner to meet your business objectives whilst supporting our cause.

100% of revenue raised funds plastic waste reduction projects. We're a small, efficient, results-driven team with a passion to prevent further plastic pollution from happening by reducing plastic use in the first place.

Less Plastic CIC is a UK-based non-profit with a large global social media following. Our mission is to have less plastic on our planet.

We inspire positive behaviour change to reduce plastic waste among individuals, businesses and communities via education, modelling, sharing strategies, and creating new social norms.

We do this through various activities including our infographics and other educational resources, ‘Plastic Game Changer’ book, talks, workshops, consultancy services, and our global impact programs.

We're always looking for new business partners to work with to help us amplify our impact.

Please Get In TouchTo Explore Opportunities

Show the world you care

You can proudly show your employees and customers that you are supporting the Less Plastic cause and helping us to deliver our global impact non-profit projects to reduce plastic waste.

If you donate a percentage of your sales or profit to Less Plastic we can give you this 'Proudly Supporting Less Plastic' logo to use on your website, emails and social media.

We will also share your support with our audience to show our thanks.

Get in touch to discuss.

You can make a one-time or regular donation here.

work More closely with us

You can get more involved with Less Plastic's work and become a close partner in a variety of ways to meet your business objectives and support our cause.

We work with businesses of all sizes. Become a 'Less Plastic Partner' and you can use this logo if you wish on your website, emails and social media.

Get in touch to explore opportunities.

You can make a one-time or regular donation here.