9 ways to reduce plastic in your school

9 ways to reduce plastic in your school

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See our full range of infographics with lots more tips for reducing plastic in your personal life and in the workplace. The recent wave of awareness about plastic pollution has led many schools to notice how much plastic waste they create, and to question whether this is an acceptable legacy to pass onto their students, our next generation. With plastic, …

back to school ecofriendly healthy lunches

6 back to school essentials for healthy, eco-friendly lunches

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Whether you’re getting organised for back to school, or returning to work after your summer holiday, it’s worth considering whether your choice of lunchtime food and drink containers will be exposing you, and your family, to unnecessary health risks. Whilst it’s tempting to choose the most affordable (i.e. cheap plastic) items for school lunch boxes, it’s also very important to …