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Less Plastic Talks and Workshops

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Want to make a difference to the ocean plastic crisis?

You can make a huge impact by persuading your organisation to use less plastic – and we’re here to help you with your mission.

Our talks and workshops share our 5 steps to become a Plastic Game Changer framework, which will enable you to accelerate your organisation’s plastic reduction efforts – providing you with powerful strategies, tools & techniques to use less plastic in your organisation, for far-reaching impact that delivers long-lasting change.

Our pragmatic approach recognises that zero waste perfection is likely to be too difficult for the majority of organisations, and striving for this could risk overwhelm, resulting in no action at all.

Therefore, we focus on significantly reducing plastic – especially single-use plastic – which is more achievable and able to be implemented more quickly.

We help you identify the quick-wins and biggest impact areas that will result in substantial plastic waste reductions. We also guide you through the confusing maze of alternatives, helping you to avoid any green-washing so you can successfully choose the most sustainable options that will meet your needs.

We share insights gained from Plastic Game Changers in a variety of sectors who wish to amplify the impact of the positive changes they’ve made by sharing best practice; and we highlight how you can show leadership and enjoy some unexpected benefits by doing the same once you’ve implemented the Plastic Game Changer 5Ps in your organisation.

Contact us to find out more, or to enquire about our availability to run a talk or workshop in your organisation. Scroll down for testimonials.

Plastic Game Changer Talks
  • Delivered by Amanda Keetley, Founder of Less Plastic, suitable for larger audiences
  • Talk covers practical tips for how to use less plastic in your personal life, and our 5 step framework to becoming a Plastic Game Changer in the workplace
  • Attendees will come away fired-up to make positive changes, buzzing with ideas to cut plastic use and start making a difference straight away
  • Talk runs for around 20 mins (plus Q&A)
  • Alternatively, choose a more interactive version of around 45 mins (plus Q&A), where attendees have time to identify the key sources of single-use plastic in their own roles and brainstorm alternatives with other attendees to maximise the chance of concrete action following the talk
  • We donate 10% of our fee from every Plastic Game Changer talk to support Surfers Against Sewage and their amazing work fighting ocean plastic pollution
Less Plastic Workshops
  • Facilitated by Amanda Keetley, Founder of Less Plastic, suitable for 10-30 attendees
  • Workshop attendees will work through the Plastic Game Changer 5Ps applying them to their roles and your organisation
  • Attendees will come away with a bespoke action plan and lifetime access to additional tools, templates, resources & case studies that will enable them to successfully implement plastic reductions in your organisation
  • We strongly encourage quarterly check-ins from all attendees for a minimum of 1 year to report their progress for accountability purposes
  • Workshop runs for 4 hours plus coffee break

“You’ll be delighted to hear that someone who came to your Plastic Game Changer talk immediately challenged her team to become the first plastic-free team at UBS – using your 5 Ps to form the basis of the plan. Other teams have stepped up too so the race is on! I’m so pleased your talk has helped to inspire this kind of behavioural shift.”
UBS, London, UK.

“Amanda’s talk inspired IEL to reduce our plastic use both professionally and personally. She helped us realise that by making changes in our business we can really make an impact. We would encourage any business to welcome Amanda in to inspire you to start reducing your use of single-use plastic”
Jeevan Virk, General Manager, IEL

“We have partnered with Less Plastic to enable our company to become a ‘Plastic Game Changer’ in the hospitality industry and eliminate single-use plastics from our operation. Our first challenge was to communicate and align all our employees to this goal, Amanda’s talk achieved this and was the ideal first step. Interesting, informative and empowering. We highly recommend.”
Nick Ford, Director, Bar Nation (Festival & Event Bars)

“I just attended your webinar and wanted to say how inspiring it was. You have reignited my passion to make a difference and inspire others too. I have now written my list of actions personally and for work. I’d already planned to engage with local schools and get my team to join beach cleans this year, but your talk has given me even more inspiration to make it the best yet. Thank you!
IEMA member, West Cumbria, UK

“Thank you for your talk, you really added a great perspective on what we can actually DO to achieve our less plastic goals.”
Network Rail, Swindon, UK

“We had a really good response to the talk and it’s really helped to change people’s attitudes.”
Financial Conduct Authority, London, UK.

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Contact us to find out more, or to enquire about our availability to run a talk or workshop in your organisation.

Alternatively, browse our range of posters designed to inspire positive change among individuals, organisations & communities.

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5 Ps to become a Plastic Game Changer

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