Plastic Game Changer Book Launch

A new book to empower professionals to make plastic reductions at work

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Our beautiful oceans are filling with plastic; devastating marine wildlife and disrupting fragile ecosystems. It is also shaping up to become a human health disaster.

The only way to stem the flow is to stop plastic pollution at source. This means saying goodbye to single-use plastic and significantly reducing all other plastic usage. But how do we wean ourselves off this material that has infiltrated every corner of our lives?

Plastic pollution awareness is higher than ever, yet business-as-usual means most companies still create too much plastic waste.

I have written this book to inspire professionals to take positive action to reduce plastic in their workplaces. It features my five-step framework to accelerate business plastic reduction efforts, along with invaluable insights from five real-world plastic game changers, from a variety of industries, who share how they have done it too.

Plastic Game Changer is a practical guide for people in business who want to make a difference to plastic pollution. It will appeal to CEOs and leaders from HR, Sales, Marketing and Sustainability, as well as professionals at all levels who feel compelled to do something meaningful to tackle the ocean plastic crisis.

The book comes out on 5th June 2019, World Environment Day.

You can buy the paperback direct from me or pre-order the Kindle or paperback from Amazon.


“A forensic and incisive account of what organizations can do to dramatically reduce their plastic consumption.”
Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder, A Plastic Planet

“Straightforward, common sense advice to empower businesses to take action.”
Hugo Tagholm, CEO, Surfers Against Sewage

“It’s time to get involved and make a difference. This book will guide the way.”
Martin Gettings, Head of Sustainability, Canary Wharf Group

Find out more about the five-step method to become a plastic game changer…

5 Ps to be a Plastic Game Changer

Buy the paperback direct from me or the Kindle or paperback from Amazon.

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