9 ways to reduce plastic in your business

Planning to reduce plastic waste at work in 2020?

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Do your plans for 2020 include taking steps to reduce plastic waste at work?

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats we face, yet it’s also one of the easiest for individuals and businesses to act upon.

While plastic often appears to be the most convenient solution in the short-term; the long-term consequences of excessive plastic use are proving to be disastrous for human health and for the health of our planet.

It’s in everyone’s interests to prioritise plastic reduction, to stem the flow of plastic pollution; and once you set your mind to it, it’s not as hard as you might think.

As well as being the ‘right’ thing to do for people and planet, there’s a strong business case for taking urgent action to reduce plastic waste in your organisation:

✨ Being a leader in your industry

✨ Saving money, improving efficiencies, and cutting business waste costs

✨ Attracting and keeping employees and customers who care about the environment (that’s most people now!)

✨ Gaining external recognition for your green practices (whether that’s press coverage, awards, certification, or simply a reputation for ‘doing the right thing’)

A well-run plastic reduction project will help meet many of your company’s objectives, including Sales & Marketing; HR & Employee Engagement; EHS, ESG & CSR; and Facilities & Procurement.

Don’t get left behind! Many companies are already looking at ways to reduce the plastic waste they create.

They’re waking up to the truth that it’s everyone’s responsibility to minimise the negative impact their business activities have on people and our planet.

Here at Less Plastic, we can help you achieve your plastic reduction goals for 2020:

💫 We’ve written the world’s first book to empower people in business to reduce plastic waste

💫 We offer talks & workshops to engage employees around the issue, sharing strategies & best practice to reduce plastic waste

💫 We provide consultancy services to support you on your company’s plastic reduction journey

💫 We have a range of simple, practical, easy-to-action infographics designed to inspire positive change

💫 We’ve launched a less plastic pledge campaign to help individuals and organisations make a difference by committing to new habits that will reduce plastic waste

Get in touch to explore how we can help you reduce your plastic footprint and help you meet your sustainable business goals in 2020.

To keep up to date with Less Plastic news, sign up here.

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