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Sounds of the Sea reveal ocean plastic pollution

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We’re excited to announce that Less Plastic has teamed up with Ruport Creative Agency, from Krasnodar, in Southern Russia, not far from the Black Sea. (We are a non-profit organisation from South Devon, in the United Kingdom, close to the English Channel.)

We’ve taken the opportunity to blend our different ideas, language, geography, and culture to create a unique way to raise awareness of the global issue of ocean plastic pollution; which of course ignores national borders.

Together we created Sounds of the Sea to echo the problem of plastic in the ocean and call on people all over the world to clean up plastic, and even more importantly, follow our strategies to reduce plastic waste.

The innovative video showcases the familiar seaside sounds of surf, seagulls, dophins, and whales – all created only using plastic.

Click here to listen to our Sounds of the Sea.

Less Plastic specialises in simple, practical ways that individuals, businesses, schools, and communities can reduce their plastic use and waste.

Our infographics have been translated into 27 languages (at time of writing) and we are currently seeking donations to fund an exciting, new Less Plastic Ambassadors global programme, to tackle plastic pollution in communities around the world.

Help us clean the world’s oceans so only the sounds of the sea remain. You can make a monthly, or one-time donation here.

Click here to listen to our Sounds of the Sea.

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