seal tangled in plastic fishing line

When turning away is not an option

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We’d just popped to the beach for a quick walk in the winter sunshine, with a long list of weekend chores in the back of our minds. A busy road runs along the top of the beach, so the dog was on the lead until we reached the shore, but as soon as we let her off, she bounded straight …

9 ways you can reduce ocean plastic

9 ways you can reduce ocean plastic

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Due to recent high profile media campaigns and the worldwide popularity of Blue Planet 2, awareness of the ocean plastic crisis is at an all time high. Within a few short decades, this colourful, flexible, long-lasting material has made it into every corner of our lives, and it’s now wreaking havoc in our oceans. It’s estimated that 1 million seabirds …

6 ways to tackle ocean plastic

6 ways for food & drink establishments to tackle ocean plastic

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Support our work and help spread the word about ocean plastic. You can order printed copies of our posters and postcards to display at your workplace, school or in your community, or to hand out to friends, or use as educational materials. It’s time to re-think disposable plastic. Don’t you think it’s strange that our culture of convenience has made it acceptable …

turn the tide on ocean plastic

Will you turn the tide on ocean plastic?

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Imagine you’re in a small boat, in the middle of the ocean. There is no land in sight. The waters here are deep and churning, and seemingly bottomless. They’re also teeming with life. There is a whole ecosystem thriving below you. One that has been evolving for millions of years, perfectly balanced, and serving all the species that form part …

2016 eden project festival of hope

Long live Hope…

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Last weekend I attended the amazing Festival of Hope at the Eden Project in Cornwall, featuring a dazzling array of campaigners, change-makers and entrepreneurs driving positive change for our planet. There was plenty to feel hopeful about. The Core building was buzzing with creativity – music, film, art, exhibits and talks showcasing brilliant ideas and innovations inspired by challenging the status quo and …