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World’s first book to help businesses to reduce plastic waste

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If you want to make a difference to plastic pollution, pick up a copy of Plastic Game Changer – the world’s first book written to help people in business reduce plastic waste.

Written by our founder, Amanda Keetley, it’s a practical and inspirational guide that empowers professionals to dramatically reduce their company’s plastic footprint.

The only way to stem the flow of plastic pollution is to stop it at source. This means saying goodbye to single-use plastic and significantly reducing all other plastic usage.

But how do we wean ourselves off this material that has infiltrated every corner of our lives?

Plastic Game Changer features a practical 5 Ps framework that enables you to transform plastic usage in your organisation, and insightful case studies sharing best practice from companies who have done it already, including Sky, Surfdome and Iceland Foods.

Don’t get left behind! Your employees and customers care deeply about this issue and if you’re not taking action on it, they will go elsewhere.

As well as the obvious environmental benefits, there are many business reasons to reduce plastic waste, including:

  • cost savings and process efficiencies derived from eliminating single-use plastic
  • pre-empting future legislation to tax or ban single-use plastic
  • attracting and keeping eco-conscious employees and customers
  • receiving external recognition for your green practices
  • and being a leader in your industry

You and your organisation can make a game-changing difference to this vast issue. But to limit the damage already caused, we need urgent widespread plastic reductions in organisations around the world. The time to act is now!

Plastic Game Changer author, Amanda Keetley, founded the non-profit Less Plastic in 2015 to raise awareness of what people can do to reduce plastic use. Less Plastic specialises in sharing simple steps to reduce plastic waste; converting awareness into action by individuals, businesses, schools, and communities around the world.

All proceeds from book sales help us deliver our global impact projects – focussing on plastic waste reduction and nature regeneration. Discover more about our non-profit programmes, and how you can support us to share the success.

5 Ps to be a Plastic Game Changer

“Straightforward, common sense advice to empower businesses to take action.” – Hugo Tagholm, CEO, Surfers Against Sewage

“A forensic and incisive account of what organizations can do to dramatically reduce their plastic consumption.” – Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder of A Plastic Planet

  • Paperback – £9.99 (ISBN 9781916128507)
  • Kindle – £4.99 (ISBN 9781916128514)
  • Audible – coming in Dec 2019

Order yours (or download Chapter One for FREE) here:

Discover more about Less Plastic here:

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