a plastic ocean

Did you know about our Plastic Oceans?

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[Image courtesy of Plastic Oceans Foundation] Back in the 1950s we were sold a lie. We were told that plastic was disposable, that we could use it once and throw it away, without further thought. There were less people on the planet back then, and there was certainly less plastic. In the last 10 years, more plastic has been produced …

9 reasons to refuse single-use plastic

9 reasons to refuse single-use plastic

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See our full range of infographics with lots more tips for reducing plastic in your personal life and in the workplace. Single-use plastic is everywhere. In a matter of mere decades, it has seeped into every corner of our lives. We are addicted to the convenience of single-use plastic. Although, when you step back to consider this, it’s astounding how we …

2016 eden project festival of hope

Long live Hope…

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Last weekend I attended the amazing Festival of Hope at the Eden Project in Cornwall, featuring a dazzling array of campaigners, change-makers and entrepreneurs driving positive change for our planet. There was plenty to feel hopeful about. The Core building was buzzing with creativity – music, film, art, exhibits and talks showcasing brilliant ideas and innovations inspired by challenging the status quo and …

Make it an ethical black friday

Let’s make it an Ethical Black Friday…

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Today is set to be one of the biggest shopping days ever! Each year our collective insatiable consumer appetite keeps on growing, which can only be bad news for the planet and all the other species we share it with. Whilst purchasing nothing is always the best option for the planet, there are occasions purchasing something wisely allows us to do …

SAS beach clean at South Milton Sands Nov 2016

How to keep plastic out of the oceans (and why)

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Last Saturday Less Plastic teamed up with Surfers Against Sewage and lots of willing volunteers to clean one of our nearby beaches, South Milton Sands in South Devon. This stunning beach is a favourite among locals, with its long stretch of golden sand, grassy dunes, iconic arch-shaped Thurlestone Rock, and wetlands teaming with wildlife. Yet despite its natural beauty, each tide …

marine litter south sands beach

10 marine litter facts (and how you can help reduce plastic pollution)

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Ahead of our Autumn beach clean tomorrow with Surfers Against Sewage at South Milton Sands, we wanted to share 10 marine litter facts, and also some tips to help reduce plastic pollution. 10 facts about marine litter… 1. A plastic bottle left on the beach may last for more than 450 years in the marine environment. 2. Plastic makes up the …

reusable water bottles

6 reasons to always carry a reusable water bottle (and never buy bottled water again!)

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Bottled water is the world’s bestselling soft drink. In the UK alone, we glugged 2.4 billion litres of the stuff in 2015, which rose to 2.8 billion litres in 2016 – an alarming upward trend. Although staying hydrated is good for us, achieving this by downing 22 billion plastic water bottles globally each year is decidedly not good for our planet. …

3 of the best reusable coffee cups

3 of the best reusable coffee cups

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If you haven’t yet found a reusable coffee cup you enjoy using regularly, then this may help… Most of us love a good cup of coffee (or tea) to help get us going in the morning. However, today’s pace of life means we rarely make time to enjoy a peaceful cuppa sitting still. Instead, a take-out coffee has become an …

SAS beach clean at south milton sands

Join us for an Autumn Beach Clean at South Milton Sands!

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Please join Surfers Against Sewage and Less Plastic for a beach clean on Saturday 12th November 2016 (10.00am to 11.30am). Following on from last year’s successful Autumn Beach Clean Series which saw over 3,500 volunteers remove over 10 tonnes from 160 beaches, Surfers Against Sewage are once again calling for volunteers to take part in Autumn 2016. Marine litter is …

back to school ecofriendly healthy lunches

6 back to school essentials for healthy, eco-friendly lunches

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Whether you’re getting organised for back to school, or returning to work after your summer holiday, it’s worth considering whether your choice of lunchtime food and drink containers will be exposing you, and your family, to unnecessary health risks. Whilst it’s tempting to choose the most affordable (i.e. cheap plastic) items for school lunch boxes, it’s also very important to …